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The Joy Initiative

Joy Initiative Consultations & Workshops are life-transforming experiences that help you dissolve stress, confusion, anger, hurt, and other trying emotional challenges, and develop a more meaningful, purposeful, extraordinary, and joyful life. 


In a peaceful and joyous atmosphere Swamiji shares with and guides you through a unique, individual process that transforms you beyond emotional, mental, and relationship stresses and conflicts and limiting family patterns that keep so many people stuck and unable or afraid to see themselves in their best light, to develop their dreams, or to cultivate more joyous relationships. 


A consultation with Swamiji is like melting away 10 years of work in 1 hour!  - Nick B - Builder, NY 

You will also learn Swamiji's unique approach to Ayurveda, Ayurvedic lifestyles, his Joy-Yoga stretches, and meditations that everyone can follow, erase deep-seated stresses and habits, and feel more peace. Swamiji brings nearly four decades of meditation and serving people.


If you are dealing with current economic concerns, divorce or loss of a family member, childhood abuse, car accident, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), or career trauma (eg, first responders); or simply feel called to live a more meaningful, purposeful, extraordinary life, JOY! Initiative mentoring and playshops (ie, constructively fun workshops) are unique, life changing experiences.


Set up your joy consultation now, or Contact us with questions or to join or set up a joy workshop for your community or organization. Connect with Swamiji and transform your life for love and grace, and peace and paradise.


"You help people realize their dreams, and in a time when self-doubt runs crazy,
this is so emotionally healing and heart opening" (participant's post-workshop survey)

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